Six quick “Tips & Tricks” European CleanCompany Ltd

1. wood floors: To keep wood floors longer nicly, clean it with cooled down black tea.

2. Linoleum: to give your linoleum floor a new shine , clean it with  a mixture of one part milk to one part water.

3. Floor Care in general: fabric softener into the water and off. The floor gleams like new.

4. shower curtain: When you put the shower curtain before hanging ii up in salt water, the shower curtain remains  without mold.

5. you want a clean and shiny sink ? Rub the potatoes on the surface, the starch of the potatoe brings your sink back to   cleanliness and shine.

6. urine scale and lime, a problem in your toilet? empty the rest of cola in your toilet before you go sleeping. Flush the next morning. Your dirt will be removed

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