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Cleaning, polishing and conserving in one pass Especially recommended to use on stainless steel, glass top stoves, granite counter tops, ceramic tiles, bath tubs, showers, hard plastics, vinyl sidings, chromium, alloy wheels, aluminum copper, brass, copper, gold, plating, silverware, ATV’s and RV’s, garden furniture. Safe for people, animals and environment. Fully biodegradable and food safe.


Protecting, Conserving & Shining Smooth Leather

Brillean Leather Care is a long-term protection, environment friendly designed for care of smooth leather in any colour. It protects against spots caused by snow and water and is designed for use on seats, interior, harness, saddles, clothing and shoes. A high content of bees wax in combination with natural oils is preventing damage caused by the environment, UV-exposure, wetness or drying out.

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Brillean Hand Clean is a highly efficient hand cleaner, mild and gentle for your hands.
It meets industrial standards and is recommended for use in the shop, farm or automotive- and other industries. It contains micro fine environmental friendly rubbing compounds and natural fats refattening your skin. Brillean Hand Clean is also properly adjusted to the skin’s natural protective acidic level. Brillean Hand Clean is very economical.
Two High Quality Sponges – 1 yellow sponge for cleaning the kitchen – 1 green sponge for cleaning the bathroom – Plus – 2 Sponge Holders with suction cup for easy access
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